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Hello, reader!

If this is your first time visiting this site, welcome. If not, welcome back. This blog will serve as an open space for critical thinking, debates, and reviews for theatre in Kingston. If you see a show that inspires you, write about it. If you see a show that you despise, write about it. If you find a work of art to be controversial, or beautiful, or alarming, write about it. If you’ve stumbled on the Next Big Thing, write about it. If you read a comment you disagree with, engage and explore why.

Tell us: Where do you feel theatre is going? How does the form adapt to and incorporate new technology? How do we pay artists a living wage? How do artists bridge the gap between indie work and mainstream theatre?

Whatever the topic, add your voice to the canopy. Share. Only through expression, given and received, do we grow.


The Kingston Theatre Alliance is a collective dedicated to creating a productive and inclusive working environment for Kingston theatre makers and organizations.

Board of Directors:

Mariah Horner – Artistic Director, The Cellar Door Project
Kathryn MacKay – Artistic Producer, Theatre Kingston
Craig Walker – Director, Dan School of Drama & Music at Queen’s University
Michael Wheeler – Artistic Director, Spiderwebshow
Brett Christopher – Artistic Producer, Thousand Islands Playhouse
Krista Gansterer – Community member at large.


Business Manager: Ted Worth
Bloggers: Amanda Lin & Ben Sterlin
Web Designer: Tyler Mathews

Kick & Push 2018

Festival Director: Liam Karry
General Manager: Jane Kirby
Production Manager: Bill Penner
Off-site Production Manager: Cameron Maclean
Director of Marketing: Tricia Knowles

Collaborators, Past and Present:

– Theatre Kingston
– Blue Canoe Theatrical Productions
– Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University
– Spiderwebshow
– King’s Town Players
– Domino Theatre
– Single Thread Theatre Comapny
– H’art Centre
– The Springer Group of Companies
– Keystone Properties